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By A.Gochakorn Kongsema, Lecturer of English Department, Liberal Arts Faculty


  1. To help the students who have the problems with English such as grammar, pronunciation, conversation and etc. solving their problems
  2. To help the students who really want to improve their English abilities individually or in a small group
  3. To help the students find the answers to their questions about text, structure, grammar and usage
  4. To give the students opportunity to express themselves without the inhibiting pressure that exists in a large class via face to face
  5. To give the students individual counseling on their difficulties with English in a relaxed and comfortable environment in private time
  6. To enhance the students to communicate in English by offering extra practice in writing or conversation
  7. To edit or proofread the students assignments, papers and reports
  8. To have close relationship between teacher and student

Benefits of the students

  1. They have English consultants for their English problems.
  2. They have their chances to talk with English lecturer privately without shyness.
  3. Their every English problems can be solved correctly.
  4. They are improved by English lecturer

Small room next to Liberal Arts Meeting Room at Shinsoponpanich Building

Working time
The clinic is opened on Monday through Friday; Time will be informed in the beginning of each semester at the door.
Telephone number:- 0-2938-7058-65 Ext.334



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